A Few Tastes Of Venom

There have been 3 videos released by Marvel and Sony Pictures for the new action film “Venom” one teaser and 2 longer trailers.

The teaser focuses on the dark brooding backstory and secrets of Eddie Brock, the lonely, depressed and somewhat hapless journalist who finds himself on the rough end of an experimental science project. It touches on the changes that come from embracing our inner demons. Like any good teaser it hints at the power of the character, shows half second glimpses of the symbiote and other science sequences to give you a feel of the story, but doesn’t show us any of the goods on Venom.

The second video of the three, the first official trailer, opens with the line “You should be extremely afraid” and focuses on the villain from our anti-heroes tale. It shows a head to head interview scene between Eddie Brock and director the of the “Life” foundation, Carlton Drake. It reveals some glimpses of the voice and character that is “Venom”. We also get tons of exposition on the Symbiote programs and struggle between the powerful and brutal Venom, and pacifist Eddie that has been taken by him.

The third and likely final trailer shows us lots of Venom as well as glimpses of the threats to Eddie and Venom, including other Symbiote characters though it’s tough to tell in the very brief shots exactly which ones from the comics have been chosen. It continues to play on the balance of power and evil that underlies the whole story. The internal battle of peaceful loner Eddie, who seems to be trying not to enjoy being able to fight bad guys, but showing cracks in the gentle facade “That power, it’s not completely awful” This trailer also features some rather questionably written one liners that fall somewhere between Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze level comedy and something horribly terrifying you’d expect from Hannibal Lecter or Jigsaw from “Saw”.

Venom is set for release Oct 5, 2018

Bradley Pierce

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