A New War Sees Hamilton As The Prize

Hollywood is currently embroiled in a bidding war over the rights to bring Hamilton to the big screen.

Early reports from The Wall Street Journal tell us Hollywood is looking to put Hamilton in the spotlight in a different way: on the big screen. However, this won’t be a film adaptation of the story. An original cast performance was professionally filmed in 2016 and, yes, it includes Lin-Manuel Miranda. Meaning if (and probably when) this comes to life, audiences will get to see the Broadway staging featuring the man himself in the role that has captivated millions.

Conflicted feelings abound regarding this news. My theatrical hearts screams “THEATRE IS MEANT TO BE EXPERIENCED LIVE, YOU TWITS!”, but the thought of having the chance to see Lin-Manuel in the title role, a chance many will probably never have otherwise, is just pure ecstasy.

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be backstage with Mr. Miranda at a gala event held to honor him and Dick Van Dyke at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, CA. The energy that comes off both these men is truly a site to behold. On stage and off, Mr. Miranda carries with him an pure aura of simple brilliance. The opportunity to see that talent in his iconic role is not one I would pass up.

Images via Geffen Playhouse

The filmed performance probably won’t be available to view in the cinemas until at least 2021 to give the live production a few more years of exclusivity. Still, the winning studio can be assured I will be among the throngs of people throwing my money at it. That will hopefully help to off-set the minimal $50 million bid it’s going to take to win the rights. I’ll be following this story as it develops and bringing it home to you.

Geffen Playhouse / The Wall Street Journal

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