Bradley Pierce

Bradley created ZFO in partnership with J. Paul Zimmerman in 2014. He is the producer for ZFOnline, which includes Z-60 news specials. He is a total horror and tech geek so the majority of his published works on this site fall into one of those veins. If you catch him with a press badge at an event, he’s usually the one behind the camera. In addition to ZFO, Pierce is also a filmmaker and actor. His on-camera work spans TV, film, commercials. He has also lent his voice acting talents to several cartoons and video games. He is best know for being the original voice of Chip the Teacup in Disney’s 1991 Beauty and the Beast and playing Peter Shepherd in the 1995 Jumanji with Robin Williams.


Monkey Man

Can Drink His Own Body Weight In Whiskey

Finding An Axe


Bella Luna

A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a sparkly sweater. Or something like that. She designs websites, runs social media, interviews people, writes posts, hosts shows, and loves cheese. Plus, she shares her home with a rescued pup named Leia who's super cute. Find her on social media @xo_bellaluna.