Award Winning Artist Marie Severin Passes

Artist Marie Severin was an influential colorist and penciler who worked for EC Comics, Atlas Comics, DC, Claypool Comics, Fantagraphics, and Marvel. Best known for her work on Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and perhaps most impressively she was the co-creator of Marvel’s Spider Woman. 

Severin was honored with multiple awards throughout her career and in retirement. These include a Shazam Award in 1974 and an Inkpot Award in 1988. She was inducted into the Will Eisner Hall Of Fame in 2001 and received a Comic-Con International Icon Award in 2017.

Severin’s passing was announced in a Facebook post from her friend and co-worker at Marvel Comics’ Irene Vartanoff who  wrote: “I’m very sorry to report that Marie Severin, the funniest and nicest woman in the comic book biz ever, is no more.” The artist was 89 years old when she passed away on August 29th, 2018.

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