Brie Larson Decides To Put On A Smile

Look, I’m all for being happy and smiling, but sometimes when you’re deep in thought or hard at work, say for instance SAVING THE WORLD, you just don’t have the time to wear that emotion on your face. Captain Marvel is no exception despite the fact that some (mostly male, SURPRISE, SURPRISE) “fans” claim that Brie Larson’s performance in the Captain Marvel trailer was lackluster just because she didn’t show her off pearly whites. Comments about her facial expressions have ranged from saying she’s “uninterested” to “a piece of wood.” However, I don’t think Brie’s face is the “wood” feeling threatened here. Especially considering one super creeper decided to photoshop a smile onto her Captain Marvel images with claims of having “fixed” them. Really? There was nothing more productive to do with your hands, dude?

Thankfully, Larson is just as awesome as we all hope Captain Marvel to be and responded in the absolute best way possible, by shining a light on double standards with these images posted to her Instagram story:

Do you see how creepy that all is? I mean, come on. If male superheroes are allowed to look stoic and fierce, Marvel’s first female lead can too, especially when she’s getting ready to do some major ass-kicking. In case you haven’t seen the trailer and witnessed the raw awesomeness of Larson’s Captain Marvel, check it out here.

Because social media is a dumpster fire of horribleness, I’m sure we will see more attempts to take down Larson leading up to her big screen debut as Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019. I have no doubt she will handle it all with strength, humor, and grace proving she is indeed the superhero we need. Show your support and keep up with the awesome by following her on Instagram.

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