Death By Magic On Netflix

Death By Magic, the latest magic show to hit Netflix, bring us magician Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC) as he attempts to defy death while performing illusions that sent magicians before him to their graves. Watch as he and his top-notch magic team, led by Daniel Garcia, travel around the world to perform his “own version of the stunts that cost magicians their lives.”



We know DMC made it through all 8 episodes of this first season, although not unscathed.

To those that have been asking – yes, this was very real blood from a very genuine accident on the Miami episode finale. DEATH BY MAGIC is of course a magic show – but the physical dangers involved in each of the eight finale stunts were very real, and ever-present. We had a team of paramedics on set throughout each stunt, and in truth – they were required more than once in the making of the show. DEATH BY MAGIC has sought to take the existing magic genre and blend it with both historical storytelling and a profound sense of genuine danger for the very first time.


Whether you appreciate magic or not, you’ve got to respect bleeding for your art!

Once you finish off season one of Death By Magic, head over to DMC’s official YouTube page for more magic, behind the scenes videos, and Q&As.


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