Escape the Hex Room

Have you ever wondered if you would survive a horror movie? Who you might be? Maybe you are the jock, dim-witted but a brute? Perhaps the nerd, brains but no brawn? How about the rebel who throws caution to the wind? Possibly the prom queen, adorned by most. Are you the straight as an arrow virgin? Or maybe you are the one figuring it all out, all the clues, all the suspects, as the detective. You can find out at Cross Roads Escape Games Hex Room.

Hex Room is the premier escape room from Cross Roads Escape Games in Anaheim California. Making a way for every horror movie fan to live out their dream of being thrown right into the middle of the action. You and 5 of your friends or family are given a short personality quiz beforehand to determine what role you would play in a horror movie. Jock, Nerd, Prom Queen, Rebel, Virgin or Detective. The results of this quiz are pretty spot on. As the game master was announcing our roles, our whole group was in complete agreement of the choices. After costuming up, a few laughs are had and before you know it is time to head inside. Once inside the thought of your athletic friend wearing a prom queen sash or the nerd and their ridiculous suspenders suddenly doesn’t seem funny anymore. You are split into 6 rooms, attempting to not only get out of your room but making an effort to help your comrades out of their rooms. Each room is themed as a room in a real horror filled house. Some have a cacophony of audio, some have lighting effects, some just are plain creepy, all adding a different level of panic.

Overall, you are thrown into a very real themed horror movie that makes you sigh a big sigh of relief when you escape, if you escape. The sets are very detailed even with some real elements to add to the spectacle. The puzzles are not necessarily hard but being split into different rooms, with one room in possession of a part of a puzzle and another needing it across the way, adds a new level of difficulty and teamwork required. The staff set the stage for the room by being very welcoming at first but then begin to play the role of somebody locking up a group of people in a horror movie. This was a room that was both immersive and challenging and should be visited by enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

You can book your Hex Room experience on the Crossroads Escape Games website.

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Robert Armour is a sound and video technician by day and an escape room enthusiast by night having completed over 80 rooms thus far. He has 16 years in the film and stage industry either acting, directing or light designing many shows and films. Follow him on Instagram @ArmourEscapes

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