Fortnite Season 6 Update!

Fortnite just launched season 6 after several delays and the fans are eating it up, exploring the changes, and seeing what updates, skins, map updates, and of course what glitches and exploits are part of the new patch. With all the success, and rabid fanbase Epic Games could have taken it easy, but they did not.

Season 6 skins

There are seven new player skins for this season, and they are all pretty sweet. “DJ Yonder” and “Calamity” come with the purchase of the season 6 battle pass, “Giddy Up” unlocks at Tier 23, “Fable” at Tier 47, “Dusk” at Tier 71. “Nightshade” at Tier 86 and finally “Dire” at Tier 100.

Calamity and Dire are both upgradable and customizable with new cosmetics, outfits, and emotes unlocking as you level.

Season 6 map updates

There is now a floating island with a house on it above Loot Lake. There’s a Haunted Castle and Corn Fields, as well as the addition of “Corrupted Areas.” These craters are a spot where you’ll find a plethora of Shadow Stones, which are one of the new consumable items.



Season 6 item updates

(Shadow Stones, Pets, and a Tomato)

The Shadow Stones are one-time use items allowing you to turn your character into a ghost briefly. While in this mode you can move faster and blend into your surroundings. It also lets you morph through solid doors and walls, but you can’t attack while ghosting.

There are three new pets to unlock. Bonesy, a cute little pup, Camo the chameleon, and Scales the dragon. Pets are a fun new cosmetic added to Fortnite Season 6, and they work like any normal backbling, except that they emote based on what you’re doing in the game. 

The new toy is a tomato. Channel your inner muppet hater and throw it at other players.

Those are the facts, now the rumors and leaks.

According to one Fortnite leak, the giant cube is likely getting bigger! Some thought the story of the cube was over, but it seems that it is just getting started. The new leak comes after internal assets of the game that features a “CubeGrowth” folder were found containing files of assets labeled “CubeGrowth.”

Another feature the Epic seems to have in the works is a Capture the Flag mode.

Twitter is abuzz with news from a possible leak that shows the potential for a “Capture the Flag” game variant. A new playlist has been added to Battle Royale’s game files within a file called “Seize Pack” which could indicate that a 50v50 Capture the Flag mode is indeed in the works. It’s likely that the playlist won’t come out during season 6, the “flag” item itself appears to be in development, and may not surface until a later season.

The last leak we are talking about here is the “Freeze Trap.”

The Freeze Trap can already be used in Fortnite‘s Save The World mode but has never been available in Battle Royale. We will see when or if it gets added during Season 6, but it seems to be coming. The Freeze Trap would change the meta and create whole new strategies and tactics.

Fortnite is available now on Apple iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and will be coming soon to Android

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