Getting Our Feet Wet With The Aquaman Trailer

In the most popular trailer to be released during the furvor of San Diego Comic-Con, we got to see Aquaman develop as a character worth watching. This trailer is visually rich and is filled with epic battle scenes, humor, and lots of Jason Momoa and Amber Heard doing their thing and looking good. The movie seems to be a bit of a departure from the visual style and language we are used to seeing from DC and from the films director James Wan, who is best known for his beautiful, dark, and shocking work in the horror genre, including films like “Saw”, both “The Conjuring” films, and the first 2 “Insidious” Films.

One of the things that is noticeably missing is any real nod or tie in to the rest of the “DC Universe” perhaps this is because DC has taken a play from Marvel’s book and decided that it would be a good idea to create something fun and uplifting film to watch. Aquaman is one of the first films in the DC universe to be released since the disappointment that was “Justice League” and therefore has a lot of pressure on it to be one of the anchoring titles for the studio’s brand.

In what looks like a very exciting combination of talented acting, striking visuals and capable directing, this movie could be the best we’ve seen from the DC studios camp. The film is set for release December 21, 2018 and we are certainly drowning in anticipation. 

Bradley Pierce

This geek is the co-creator of and producer for ZFO Entertainment, a writer for ZFOnline, and also a filmmaker and was the original voice of Chip in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and actor from Jumanji, and The Borrowers.

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