Harry Potter-y Barn

We hope our Hogwarts acceptance letter comes with a pre-approved credit line because without it there’s no way we can afford the newest product line from Pottery Barn Kids.

The line is all fully licensed and looks really cool, like “Shut up and take my money!” levels of awesomeness. But the hardest part is the fact that the line is so complete, there are three very different looking room styles in the “lookbook”.


The first look they’ve put together is called “Hogwart’s Pride” and it’s a showcase of all the cool house specific things that they offer and is themed towards the holidays, just in time. The room includes house themed stockings, beanbag chairs, and throws, a deathly hallows mirror, a golden snitch, and even a “lifesize” Phoenix floor lamp.



Also in the collection are two beautiful bedroom ensembles. One is a bit softer looking, more focussed on blues, golds, and the magic of the films. It includes soft plush fabrics, lace, and mirrors with a Patronus hidden within. One of the coolest and most magical things in the room is the Hedwig the owl Bluetooth plush speaker.


The second bedroom feels like it was plucked right out of the dormitories of the film. Elegantly crafted tall wooden headboards and dressers, paired with leather and gold make for a mature looking space, while still allowing the inner wizard to feel right at school.


Everything you need to create your ultimate Harry Potter themed space is here. Sheets, pillows and blankets (each sold separately), Lamps, Mirrors, dressers, and even bean bag chairs are available.

This is not an inexpensive collection, some pieces will set you back over $2000, but some of the accent pieces are a little more affordable. These include throw blankets ($69), Pillows (range from $30-$50) Robes (The velvet bath kind, not the magic kind, $129), luggage ranging from $22 for a “Jewelry pouch” to nearly $400 for a 2 piece hard sided house themed luggage set.

It’s a good news for pottery barn, not so great for geek wallets nationwide.

See more images (and place your order)  here

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