Iron City: Alita Experience

It’s the year 2563. An Earth shattering war has left the human race in shambles, clinging to life itself. A loss of a body part can be an opportunity for an upgrade. A place where cyborgs and humans have a taxing time co-existing. Welcome to Iron City.

At Passport to Iron City you are thrown in the bustling world of Alita: Battle Angel. The experience, produced in three cities Austin, New York, and Los Angeles, transforms your night into the dystopian world. You start by receiving your new ID, because that Texas, New York, and California ID will do you no good in Iron City, of course, unless you plan on drinking at the famous hunter-warrior hangout, The Kansas Bar. Your team of 6 will be placed in a corresponding color, and after a brief rundown of how to use your new ID, you are thrust into the aforementioned Kansas Bar. There you can strategize with your team, meet some of the locals of Iron City, and get your drink on with exclusive drinks only available in your city and Iron City. Make sure to ask for as many secrets from the locals as you can to help you along your way in the city.

Once everyone has properly indulged, you are ushered into the city. Here you are welcomed by the members of Iron City and given the opportunity to earn credits to use later for Motorball races. The challenges and puzzles range from sensory, to physical, to mental and everything in between. You will be put to the test to earn as many credits as you can in the allotted 40 minutes with the finale being the high energy Motorball race. Make sure to bet high on your favorite racer. Don’t know who to bet on? Ask the locals. They know everything, they may even help you get more credits. What will be your fate? Will your group be victorious or will you be sent packing in hopes to fight another day?

Passport to Iron City: Alita Battle Angel is immersive, fun and challenging. It brings strangers, friends, and performers together in a whole new way that has not been done before. The performers are incredibly themed and encouraging. The 12,000 square foot created world is beautiful and interactive. The activities were engaging and thought-provoking. The exclusive drinks were delicious and made us feel like we were an elite member of this society, albeit $9 for a can of beer. The technology was out this world…or maybe just normal for the year 2563. You don’t need to have seen the James Cameron/ Robert Rodriguez film Alita: Battle Angel (2019) or the popular 1990’s Japanese manga series Gunnm, to participate and enjoy. Just bring yourself, some friends and a sense of wonder. 

If you are looking for a night out that will challenge you, wow your senses and let you escape this world for another, check out Passport to Iron City: Alita Battle Angel, running now through March 31st, 2019 in Austin, New York, and Los Angeles.

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