It’s a Jurassic Escape out there

How much have you wanted to live in a world where your everyday boring zoo was a zoo for dinosaurs? Well “Hold onto your butts”. At Escape the Room’s Jurassic Escape you are thrown right into the action in hopes of stoping the cloning of the dinosaurs without being the next victim. 

One of SoCals newest escape rooms, Escape the Room located at the Glendale Galleria, offers an amazing immersive experience that literally feels like you are being thrown into a movie. From animatronic dinosaurs to some of the newest puzzles not seen anywhere else. Jurassic Escape will scare you, thrill you and make you wonder. The puzzles are challenging and the company creates a good blend of old technology and new alike. We’ve all seen the movies and this room is sure to not disappoint. 

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