Looney Labs Announces Release Details for Jumanji Fluxx & Marvel Fluxx

Looney Labs has taken to the web to clear up some confusion about the release and availability of two of their most anticipated new Fluxx games – Jumanji Fluxx & Marvel Fluxx.

These latest additions to the Fluxx family will be releasing two slightly different versions of each title. Cardinal Games, Looney Labs’ licensing partner, will be releasing their own versions of each game. Cardinal’s will go into mass market stores while the Looney Labs version will be available at game stores, toy stores, book stores, and more.

Cardinal’s version will hit Walmart and Target stores on August 1st. Looney Labs will see their version out by August 15th. Waiting the extra two weeks will get you a version with 7 bonus cards and a shrink-wrapped box.

If you are a fan of Looney Labs games, we think it will be worth your while to wait and buy the Looney Labs version. But if you’re buying this as a gift for a more casual gamer, the mass market version may be your better choice.

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We were lucky enough to get our hands on an advance copy of Jumanji Fluxx and we can tell you, it’s definitely worth the buy and the bonus cards are totally awesome so mark your calendar for August 15th!

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