Night Of The Living Dead, Resurrected

The horror classic Night of the living dead has been remastered in 4k Ultra HD and will be re-released to celebrate its 50th anniversary in select theatres October 24 and 25th.


Night of the Living Dead was written, directed, and edited by George Romero. The film follows seven unlucky people who are trapped in a farmhouse under attack from hordes of the undead. As they fight through the night, news reports tell of similar horrors taking place worldwide. Originally released in October of 1968, it has generated several sequels and has been remade twice, including once in 1990 by modern horror master Tom Savini. 

Fathom Events announced that the remastered film will return to nearly 600 movie theatres nationwide accompanied by a behind the scenes documentary look at the film and the restoration process. You can purchase your tickets at or directly from participating theaters.



Bradley Pierce

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