Overwatch at Gamescon

If there’s one thing Blizzard does really well, and there are a lot of things they do well, it’s getting the fans hyped with awesome videos and high production value announcements. The 2 videos they released during Gamescon are no exception.  

First off the player video: this time it was player favorite D. Va who got her very own character video. Half origin story and half battle footage, it really showcases the fun, skills, and talent of the gamer turned robot pilot. 

Next, we got a peek at the newest map, called Busan and set in D. Vas home country of South Korea. It has three distinct areas, the sanctuary, downtown, and the MEKA base. The sanctuary looks like a Zen temple, likely filled with choke points and corridors for the fight. MEKA base looks like a series of large rooms connected by doorways. The Downtown area is a more open area with multiple levels and will prob be the scene of the largest battles.

Also of interest to all the Overwatch fans out there, LEGO (@Lego_Group) tweeted during Gamescon, and dropped a not so subtle hint that overwatch sets or figure are coming soon! Can’t wait to see whats in store there, but this is a story that is still building.


Bradley Pierce

This geek is the co-creator of and producer for ZFO Entertainment, a writer for ZFOnline, and also a filmmaker and was the original voice of Chip in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and actor from Jumanji, and The Borrowers.

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