Overwatch Figures Available Soon!

With the recent addition of D.Va to Figma’s Overwatch line, there are now 5 heroes in the collection. Each figure is about five and a half inches tall, incredibly detailed, and fully posable. Each includes a special “Figma” stand to allow the characters to be posed for display in a variety of ways, including their Ult attacks in most cases. The official product pages can be viewed and preordered through from Good Smile Company. Figures are scheduled to release in Summer of 2019.


“Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!”

– Multiple faces are included
– Comes with 2 pulse Pistols and a Pulse bomb




“I play to win.”
D. Va

– Includes three faceplates (Smile, Winky Face, and Gum Chewing)
– Comes with Light gun, Bubble gum bubble, and her phone.




“Death walks among you.”

– Includes two Hellfire Shotguns, with add-on blast effects
– An effect sheet that can be used to show his “Shadow Step” ability
– Nine different hands are included for a range of actions



“Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor.”

– Comes with both his katana and wakizashi for multiple combat poses.
– Partially clear shuriken parts are also included.




“One shot, one kill.”

– Multiple faceplates are included to allow for different expressions
– Two weapons are included the “Widow’s Kiss” Sniper Rifle, and a Venom mine
– The Widow’s Kiss has interchangeable parts to allow for sniper, automatic, and grappling hook modes

Bradley Pierce

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