Pet Sematary 2019 Trailer

Jason Clarke is kind of perfect for the role of Louis Creed, I guess, because he has that same sort of bland, loathsome energy that Dale Midkiff brought to the 1989 Pet Sematary. Which is to say, he’s that kind of actor who clearly has superstar aspirations that, I’m sorry, he will never realize. Quick, without Googling, name two films elevated by Clarke’s blinding star power. For that matter, do the same for Midkiff. And no, Pet Sematary does not count, because that’s the film we’re talking about right now!

Similarly, I predict John Lithgow will own this movie as kindly / spooky Jud Crandal, the same way Fred Gwynn did thirty years ago. The grizzled old guy who warns the protagonist about dark supernatural forces is a feeding frenzy for the likes of iconic thespians like Lithgow and Gwynn, so expect John to go to town.

Pet Sematary remains one of Stephen King’s scariest tales, and this trailer conveys that ominous tone nicely. From the roaring semi to the creepy kids wearing animal masks while a drum clangs an unnerving death march, to creepy cat Church staring us down, this trailer gets us in the mood without revealing any of the film’s dark treats.

Pet Sematary will show us why, sometimes, dead is better on April 5.


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