Rage 2 Open World Trailer And Official Release Date

Rage 2 drops a new Open World Trailer and Official Release Date


Bethesda released a brand-new trailer for Rage 2 at The Game Awards, giving us a glimpse at the changes to the world since the first Rage post-apocalyptic shooter. The video showed off the open world and revealed some of the crazy additions, weapons, and environments you’ll encounter in the sequel. The game is set somewhere around 30 years after the original. Earth is still recovering from a global catastrophe, plants are growing and animal life is spreading around the planet and people are becoming even more tribal. Rage 2 is being developed by Just Cause studio and Avalanche Studios, with id Software who developed the original also contributing to the project.

An interesting side note for PC users, pre-ordering the game directly from its official website only gives you the option to purchase through Bethesda.net. The shooter is not available for pre-order on Steam and pre-purchasers of the game through third-party websites are encountering messages warning users that all sold keys are for Bethesda.net, not Steam.  The clues on Rage 2‘s release suggest the company may do the same for this game as they did for Fallout 76. Making it available only directly through the Bethesda.net game distribution client.

It would seem that, at least for the early launch, Rage 2 downloads will be exclusive to Bethesda.net. That doesn’t mean the game will never be released third-party, but we have no indication of when, or even if, that will happen. If this game does well enough, Bethesda’s future games might never arrive on platforms other than Bethesda.net.

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