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Show you care by sending a 3D paper sculpture of R2D2 or chose Obi-Wan vs Darth Vader and challenge your nemesis to a duel in style.

Whatever message you want to send, Lovepop has you covered in the coolest way, by combining the ancient art form of paper folding found in Japanese origami and kirigami with the sliceform structure used in ship design. The result is awesome pop-up greeting cards like you’ve never seen before.

Don’t think Star Wars is the way to go? You can also get your point across via carrier dragon or raptor with their Game of Thrones and Jurassic World collections.


Lovepop is the brain child of business partners Wombi Rose and John Wise, who met while studying naval architecture and marine engineering at Webb Institute. Now you see where the whole ship design thing comes in. During a business school trip to Vietnam, Rose and Wise discovered a street vendor selling hand-crafted 3D paper art and were inspired to combine art and science to create keepsakes that are rattling the $7 billion greeting cards industry. Fittingly, Rose and Wise are also best friends. It takes a special relationship to define your life’s mission as wanting to create “one billion magical moments across the globe”.

Lovepop is more than your one-size-fits-all greeting card from the drugstore. It’s a giftable-mailable-keepsake-able 3D paper sculpture designed by naval engineers with cutting-edge software and hand-crafted in the art of slicegami™.

This journey of love is certainly paying off for Rose and Wise who have experienced a growth in sales from $300,000 to $18.7 million a year.

In addition to the geeky offerings above, Lovepop has cards fits for holidays, birthdays, graduations, just because, and more. They even have wedding invitations that can be customized to fit a couple’s unique love story.

Each laser-cut, hand assembled card runs from $10-15. You can view the full catalogue of Lovepop cards on their website.

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