Stash House Escape Experience

A black door and a green light in the middle of Koreatown. You press the intercom, the door slowly opens and you are asked “Have you been followed?” You are quickly ushered inside to what seems to look like a dimly lit lounge. Your attention turns to the TV to find a message from Ray Jones a infamous drug leader. Do you have what it takes to run with his crew? Well strap in because you ain’t in a lobby, you are locked in his apartment. A copious amount of drugs is locked inside with you and the cops are on the way. Better find all the drugs and flush it!

Stash house is an extremely immersive escape room, painting a picture of Los Angeles’ drug scene. The creators of this room took a very large step to ensure realism from orange scent to cover the smell of marijuana to actual local street artists work inside the room. Actually having to flush contents down the toilet is just another element of realism. 

This 90 minute room is high paced, high intensity and a high level of immersion. Stash house takes the escape room blueprint and flushes it down the toilet…literally! This is a room any enthusiast will definitely want to do next. 

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