The Fab Four

Not too long ago a friend of mine asked me who my top four villains were because the topic was going around on the interwebz. I think my answers surprised her (and they might surprise you too).

First and foremost, I am in the villain’s corner every time. When I was a kid and playing with my toys, if it looked like the good guys might win, my bad guys would take out everyone so no one would win. Basically, rocks fall, everybody dies. Game over man, game over!

I even tried to think of some “good guys” who I would say are my top 4 and I could only come up with two… Darkwing Duck and Inspector Gadget. I can’t think of any other do-gooders I really connected with. The villains always had the best toys and lines. Mind you I grew up in the 80s and 90s being exposed to that round of pop culture. My influences, like many others, are of the times I was young and impressionable.

With that being said, let’s get on with it shall we? Here are BIZZARO’S TOP 4 VILLAINS:

Look at these magnificent bastards!

Darth Vader – The original bad ass. Darth Vader in Rouge One is the Vader we all pictured in our minds as kids. As a kid I even wanted him to appear at my birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (and he did!) Cool, calm and imposing, he wields the force like a boss. He sits at my number one slot for all the reasons you already know in your black hearts. He is a Nubian god!

SID 6.7 – I love over the top villains. Give me Cobra Commander over Duke any day of the week. For those who don’t know, SID 6.7 is from the Denzel Washington vehicle, Virtuosity. The character is an amalgam of various evil personalities let loose from the virtual realm into our world… oh and he can replicate parts of himself from glass. He also has style and a wicked sense of humor. You can’t ask for a better combo for a psycho.

The Demon Knight – Billy Zane makes for a great villain and his role as the title character from this Tales From the Crypt film is no exception. Just like SID, the character is totally balls to the wall and since he fancies himself indestructible he is a cocky SOB. He is also blood sucking evil like Muppets on ice. He can conjure demons with his glow stick blood and give you better hallucinations than any mushroom could. If you love the camp of the TFtC franchise and haven’t seen this you should remedy that right now.

Megatron – I remember sitting in the movie theater in the 80s seeing the first showing of the animated Transformers movie (my parents let me skip school to see it) and not being at all phased by what happened to Optimus Prime but being REALLY annoyed about the treatment of Megatron. Ol’ Megs, as his friends call him, is a cold calculating leader with poor choices in henchmen. Despite that, he could still dole out the harshness when the time came. Also, if you read the IDW TF comics, they gave him a noble cause for starting the Decepticons but, as we all know, some of the worst things start with the best of intentions.

These are my top guys, my number one guns, and the ne’er-do-wells I’d want on my dodgeball team. Don’t agree with my list? Well the gauntlet has been thrown. Who are your top four villains? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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