Trailer Reaction – Avengers: Endgame (Full Trailer)

“Whatever it takes.” Those cheeky bastards.

This trailer is only marginally less dour than the first one, but you just know – you JUST KNOW – Marvel is keeping from us some killer action and some mind-blowing reveals.

The new trailer focuses on the past – including brief snippets from the first Iron Man, Thor and Captain America films, redone in black-and-white, no less – to emphasize how long it’s been since the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and to also suggest that this overarching storyline is now ending. There may not be a lot of action footage here, but the emotional weight is considerable. Something that’s almost a given: we will be saying good-bye to someone, and the smart money seems to be on Cap and Stark. Marvel knows that much of their movies’ success stems from how beloved these characters have become, and they are all but demanding you bring a box of Kleenex, because the tears are coming. Look no further than those few seconds of Hawkeye teaching his daughter how to shoot an arrow, followed by him, suited up and arrowed up, grim and vengeful-looking; most of us have already inferred that Thanos’ “snap of doom” took Clint’s family away from him, and this trailer all but confirms that . . . or does it?

The bright new team uniforms are a nice touch, and those, combined with the unexplained presence of Ant-Man, suggest that the Avengers are somehow going to use the Quantum Realm to undo the tragedy of Infinity War. Time travel has been a popular theory, but we really don’t know a thing.

One thing we do know is that Thor approves of Captain Marvel. Those of you fans who already have started ‘shipping the two: y’all need to stop that right now. Carol Danvers needs no one’s approval, and has got no time for romance, seeing as how she’ll be busy photon-blasting a hole in Thanos’ head.

Bring your tissues, and someone’s hand to hold, when Avengers’ Endgame comes blasting into theaters on April 26, to soon be followed, for me anyway, by the world’s worst case of “show-hole.” I made need therapy after this, gang.


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