Trailer Reaction: Avengers: Endgame

If this teaser came from almost any other franchise, I’d be all like, “Pssshh, whatever.” But Marvel’s cinematic universe has a history of keeping the good stuff close to the vest until opening day. Remember the initial teaser for the first Avengers? That thing was as janky as Captain America’s Coulson-designed uniform. But, to paraphrase a certain inventor and weaponry genius, let’s do a head count, shall we? You’ve got: Tony Stark, adrift in space with less than 24 hours of oxygen left; the Avengers, deep in mourning; Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanov with some kind of plan to, we assume, undo Thanos’ finger-snap of doom. And that rascal Scott Lang has somehow gotten out of quantum limbo.

Questions and cliffhangers. This is the very essence of a teaser, something which shows nothing, yet somehow promises everything. Whatever the Russo brothers have up their collective sleeve, it’s sure to be huge, and we won’t see it coming.

Avengers: Endgame brings the decade-long “infinity stones”saga to its undoubtedly bonkers conclusion on April 26.


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