Trailer Reaction: Captain Marvel

Alright, now THAT’S Captain Marvel.

Honestly speaking, the first two trailers for this film, while promising plenty of sci-fi action and mayhem – and a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson as ‘90s-era Nick Fury – left me a little cold in regards to its star.  Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not one of those trolling boy-men who bitched that Brie Larson didn’t smile enough.  But the footage of her presented someone who seemed to have no emotion at all, no personality.  And if you are familiar with the Captain Marvel from the comics, that would concern you too.

The third trailer dropped last week and, while shorter than the previous two, is the best tease by far.  Why?  Because, while the previous footage demonstrated her talent for destruction and general bad-assness, we now get a taste of Carol Danvers, wiseass, showoff, jokester.  My concerns are thus alleviated and I am officially excited to see this one.  Larson can clearly hold her own against Jackson, and she is going to own this role.

Captain Marvel will start shooting photon blasts (which Skrulls cannot do) into theaters everywhere on March 8.


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