Trailer Reaction: Glass

Unbreakable was a quiet, serious meditation on heroism, until its ending rewrote the entire preceding 100 minutes. Split was a tense thriller about a maniac terrorizing young women, until its ending revealed it to be part of a world we had already visited before.

And now, here comes Glass, bringing together the characters from the previous two films, in what looks like a pulse-pounding super-powered action-thriller. How much you wanna bet M. Night Shyamalan’s got something completely different hidden up his sleeve?

We don’t know how David Dunn (Bruce Willis) winds up in the same psych ward as Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) and Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), or how “Mr. Glass” plans to utilize “The Beast,” but this thing looks fun. Glass appears to embrace the comic book iconography and tropes that Unbreakable thoughtfully examined, while blending in the horror aspects of Split to present not one but two formidable super villains.

Glass will attempt to continue the Shyamalan-aissance when it arrives in theaters on January 18.


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