Video Games Can Make You Feel Old

Some things serve as a reminder of just how old you’re becoming, and the games you loved as a kid celebrating major birthdays can be one of those things. So, put on your reading glasses and enjoy this look back on some major video game anniversaries taking place in 2018.

15 years ago:

Simpsons Hit and Run:

One of the Simpson fan favorite games is “Hit and Run. An open world racing, mission, and destruction game, somewhat like Grand Theft Auto (but infinitely more kid friendly) It released on PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube in September of 2003 – which means it is 15 years old and ready for its learner’s permit.


Call of Duty:

The original was released by Activision on October 29, 2003, and created one of the most successful shooter franchises ever.


20 years ago:

Gran Turismo:

20 years ago this year Gran Turismo was introduced. Gran Turismo was a genre changer for the racing game; showing what could be done with the right blend of reality, physics, and fun.




The PlayStation classic featuring the cute purple dragon was originally released Sept 9, 1998. that means this game is almost legal to drink now, celebrating its 20th birthday.



Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue:

Another 20-year-old classic, the original Poke-games were released here in the US in late September 1998.




This Groundbreaking cinematic First-person Shooter was released in November of 1998, It paved the way for a new type of storytelling in video games.




One of the best real-time strategy games ever created and still one of Blizzards flagship franchises, this game paved the way for competitive play and was a large part of creating the esports revolution years later.



25 years ago:


One of the ultimate puzzle games was released on PC by Broderbund. This game was a new kind of adventure game and spawned a variety of similar titles.




This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the original first person Shooters. One of the most influential games of all time, it created an entire sub-genre of shooters after it’s hugely successful release by id Software on December 10, 1993



Star Fox:

Released on Super Nintendo, this vector graphics flight game featured the furry fun squeaks of a cast of critter characters.



30 years ago:

Metal Gear:

The original Snake debuted on NES in June 1988, leading to a successful franchise.




Altered Beast:

This mystical take on the platform fighter was released by Sega in August of 1988.




35 years ago:

Mario Bros.:

One of the classics among classics, this was arcade version that became the source of the first globally popular home video game. Released July 14th, 1983, this game was largely responsible for the success of the Nintendo entertainment system.



Known as Mike Tyson’s Punch Out when it was released in the US, this game sparked spinoffs and inspired many copycats to try to enter the ring with fighting games of their own.




40 years ago:

Space Invaders

is released by Taito in June 1978, this game created the genre that would include greats like Galaga and Asteroids, eventually leading the way for to the flight and space-based games.



Which of these games are your favorites? Were there some that surprised you, maybe a few that were older than you thought? Comment below to join the discussion.



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