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ZFOnline welcomes passionate and articulate guest authors to contribute to the blog.

Are you the droid we’re looking for? Let’s find out…

Post Requirements 

  • We want original work that has not been published elsewhere. It must be written by you for us!
  • Your content cannot violate any copyright laws.
  • Include a heading. You can tack on a subheading too, if you’re feeling fancy.
  • Be prepared to cite sources and provide links for reference if needed.
  • Yes, you may write a rant, but keep it intelligent, witty, mostly PG-13 and civil.
  • Hate speech will not be tolerated in any form. Seriously, don’t be a dick.

If your post is approved, we will retain copyright. As long as it is published through ZFO, it cannot be published anywhere else. We will gladly remove any post we publish for you at your request though cuz we’re cool like that.

When we publish your work, we will promote the hell out of you so include your name for author credit, as well as any social media handles, tags you would like shared. You can also include a personal website.

If you become a regular contributor, you may even score your own site log-in. You’ll get a bio listed on the site and be able to post directly to our dashboard! #goals

Current Categories

Books, comics, conventions, games, movies, music, news, reviews, tech, trailers, TV. Have an awesomely geeky idea that doesn’t fit into any of these? Go ahead and pitch it anyway. We may love it.

How to Submit

Beam over your post ideas via the form below. Include a headline if you’ve already thought of one. If you’ve never been published with us, you must include a sample of your writing. Make sure you include one of the following words either in your pitch or your sample: ineffable, serendipity, nefarious, epiphany, cacophony. Why? Well, A: we want to see if you’re paying attention and B: we just really like those words.

Ok, enough with the rules! Here is the form! Go nuts!

Provide your full name. This is not necessarily how you will be credited as an author.
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Send us your ideas, your creative visions, your little sparks of madness. We will take good care of them. We promise.